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What Puma wanted to achieve:
PUMA & ASOS recently launched a collaboration of Environmentally Conscious pieces, taking a first step toward addressing climate change with more sustainable manufacturing processes. PUMA wanted to create awareness about the new range while educating consumers on the environmental aspects of the collaboration.

How we achieved it:
To help PUMA both amplify awareness of the collaboration with ASOS and educate their target market on the sustainability features of the range, we partnered with two influencers whose online presence and interests credibly meshed with the purpose of the collection. Images of the influencers wearing pieces from the collection were created and then used as paid social ads amplified through the influencers’ own channels with a call to action to ‘learn more’. Those who engaged with the ad were directed to HYPEBEAST (men) and HYPEBAE (women) articles where they could read more in depth about the apparel and then shop the full range on ASOS.