At Canoe Inc. Social, we believe in bringing brands and people together, sharing unique stories and building community.

Founded in 2002, Canoe Inc. is a global multi-discipline agency that prides itself on contributing and building community, placing brands at the heart of peoples lifestyles. We share meaningful stories from some of the worlds most iconic brands and bring to life new products through our PR and Creative departments.

Advocate Marketing

Through unique partnerships, we facilitate heightened engagement through social placements such as social ads, pay per click and paid search.

Social Activation

We believe in community and we believe in people. We pride ourselves on creating memorable experiences with unique individuals, amplifying content and driving engagement.

Influencer Management

We match brands with people, creating authentic and unique partnerships.

Social Management

365 days a year, we are here to help create and curate social channels.

Paid Social

Digital is accessible to everyone anywhere, which is why we believe that people should have the opportunity to see good content. We create strategies to amplify content, making sure powerful visuals and compelling messages get seen.

Content Creation

A picture can tell a thousand words and a video can go one step further. Social content shapes a brands voice; we help brands find their identity.

Social Strategy

First the seed, then the flower. We believe that every idea has the potential to grow, which is why we get excited about exploring new opportunities and helping clients define the essence of their brand.


Words. We use them every day to communicate, but so often copy reads empty. We believe that words are just as powerful as visuals in expressing a brand’s identity and communicating key values.

We create insightful strategies that put brands at the heart of people’s lifestyles in relevant and meaningful ways.



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